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What We Stand For

"Today's issues were built in the past, then given to the future. At what point do we stand up and take accountability for what we allowed to slip through the cracks.... Now!!! We must start at the root where everything grows up from, which is our education system. Now is not the time to point fingers but rather put our hands to work. I am a candidate that can relate diversely, economically and morally to all sides of the field and will fight for the voices that have been long suppressed. I will stand up for our students, families, workers and communities to ensure a better way is given to them. "
Political Indoctrination Must Stop

I am a teacher that has watched as politics slowly crept into our schools under the disguise of labels that claim to better our students. I oppose all forms of racism, immature lessons of sexuality and forced ideologies that have robbed our students the right to become proficient academically, value their own household ideas and critically think and approve what is excellent in their own view. We have allowed our students to be touched, groomed and educated by hands WE THE PEOPLE didn't approve. I will stand up against ungodly policies that are being injected into our school system that forces your child to follow. I will review and vet all lessons prior to being approved in our school system. This we can do together in one unified front.


Women carry, nurture and sustain their children. Fathers establish order and present themselves as influential role models. Together men and women communicate and combine these differences of strengths to become immovable pillars of strength for their kids, whether together or separated we became one when that life was brought forth. We have been blessed with a God given right to make decisions that affect our children and nobody in the government nor the school district should infringe upon these rights. Parents, I will stand to empower you to make independent choices apart from what anyone is telling you for the betterment of your child's health and safety.  

Parental Empowerment

Either the system was designed to suppress your voice or those in places of authority mastered the method of doing it. It is now time to designate an easier way to communicate information to you the parents. Report card interpretation has been a disaster starting in elementary, information is difficult to gather and find on the district platform and when you decide to confront these issues you are being silenced. As a parent I fought and for parents I will stand. 

Our Workers Matter

A better job needs to be done to bridge the gap between parents, teachers and all school employees. The teachers and workers are being burdened to where they aren't freely able to work with the parents and community as they should. We will utilize teacher approved lessons to better serve the classrooms. Teachers shouldn't have to stay until 5 everyday to reach a highly effective status. Our teachers are highly effective because they chose a profession that is built on their sacrifice. I will fight to end the biased evaluations that are being done on our employees. Custodians have been given back breaking work and much worse is the pay and respect they get. It is time to advocate for workers them that have tirelessly cleaned, sanitized and arrange furniture to receive the compensation that is deserved. School bus drivers have been deemed as the best drivers in the world, but are hardly given stress free access to their merit pay and summer jobs. I will look into a system that supports your ability to achieve merit pay much easier than you are contending for now. I will fight for our workers who are the life support of our district while working behind the scenes. I am a fighter for all of us.

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