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Chris Persaud

for School Board District 7

I Will Stand For Our Generation

Unified Understanding

Together we will accomplish more through morally unified convictions. We need dialogue rather than media inputted narratives.


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Breaking News, The Verdict Is In 

They Can Trample Our Freedoms But We Can't Trespass on Their Lies!

April 27th 2022

The verdict is in and if you're a freedom fighter for our children you may be disappointed. The jury rendered (drum roll) a GUILTY VERDICT! I took a stand and stayed true to my Christian-Judeo values. When the opposition breaks the law it is called peaceful protest, equity, justice awareness, magical etc. When we stand up against lawlessness we are declared to be racist, sexist, a sell out,  an Uncle Tom, bigot and digressive. I forgive and harbor no bitterness or hatred towards any of the opponents of my stance because at the end of the day we wrestle not against flesh and blood. This verdict will only fuel us to propel our movement together for the common good. I believe all things (good and bad) work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. In short I would do the same thing all over again for our nation and our children. I won't go into details because the media already did a good job covering it. A big shout out to DJ Chris Nelson who really made notoriety of this case and gathered traction from all media. You can find him at Thanks Chris. 


There are 2 things you can do to help support me.

1. You can donate to help me minimize any debt incurred throughout this process here. REMEMBER THIS ISN'T DONATIONS FOR MY CAMPAIGN JUST SUPPORT TO HELP OFFSET PERSONAL LOSS

2. I am looking to request a pardon from Governor DeSantis. I was told a character reference letter stating why you support a pardon along with anything that shows my support for my community, state or nation. This can go a long way to help so if you can draft a letter and email it to 

VOTEPERSAUD@GMAIL.COM I would tremendously appreciate it 

Again thank you for everything and I will continue to stand on what I believe in. I won't let an immoral verdict overrule a righteous stand. Take care and thanks again.

May 4th 2022

Latest Article

PBC Jolt by Erin Daniels

April 1st 2022

My Past Mistakes Is Our Generations Way Out

Many already know about the life I once lived. Numerous run ins with the law and poor choices misrepresenting the glory of Christ. Why hide it when it can be shown to others as a triumphal victory. Our sons and daughters consider what I lived through each day of their lives. The internet doesn't make it easy for them. Users on social media struggle severely trying to be the falsified personas they see daily. Some of our children even contemplate suicide through the depression and the lust for an image. I am glad to say I made it out with the help of the Lord and look where I am at now. Once a demoralizing asset to my community I stand firm on bringing healing and awareness to those who have been cast aside or on a track that they will never fully heal from. I stand with the same law enforcement agencies that I once transgressed showing no matter where you are in life Christ can make a come back. Now I fight for law and order, support our public servants, bring aid to the impoverished areas not on social media and Thanksgiving only. I fight harder because our children are convinced through politicizing fabrications our pillars of strength in our communities are evil or are to be blamed immediately upon news releases. Us changing a generation starts by implementing values that help generate an upright perspective towards others. Let's be that beacon of hope starting now.

April 1st 2022

Mask Mandated Trial?


Be sure to reach out and help support any way you concerning the upcoming trial. I stood against the School District's policy and didn't back down. The trial will be scheduled April 26th @ 10am. This will take place at the Palm Beach County Courthouse 9G. Be sure to keep in touch and show up that day to help bring life to the movement that has taken hold of this country. This is our generation and we will not be scared to overstep your mandates while trying to overtake our children. Stand with me.

I spent everything out of pocket so if you could donate to help my expenses I would appreciate it. For campaign donations click the red donate button.


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